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  • At Santa Cruz Skin Solutions and Integrated Wellness we aim to treat our clients with a holistic, clinical approach to healthy skin and a healthy body.  Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, our skin—the largest organ of our bodies—tells us what is going on inside and out and we aim to solve your skin care concerns as such.

    We use only organic products that harness the healing powers of Mother Nature while targeting and treating specific skin and body conditions.  We have made a commitment to choosing products and practices that support a sustainable and ecologically responsible way of offering therapeutic treatments. We tailor each treatment to your specific goals and needs to make sure each visit is as special and unique as you.  This approach will achieve positive changes in your body and skin all while improving its overall health, be it through nutrition, bodywork and skincare.

    At Santa Cruz Skin Solutions and Integrated Wellness we understand that all ranges of skin concerns can have a profound impact on the way you feel about yourself. We offer focused skin care treatments, going a long way in protecting and repairing our client’s skin health as well as self-esteem. Everyone has their own unique skin, and we will customize your treatment to match.

    Our goal is for clients to feel the calmness, serenity and efficiency within our touch, as well as the effectiveness of the products. We want to motivate you to become your own home-esthetician through education about the skin and product ingredients as well as your own wellness provider to support your body’s health from bodywork to nutrition.

    Established in 2012, the therapists of Santa Cruz Skin Solutions and Integrated Wellness bring an unprecedented level of service to the Santa Cruz Community.

    We are proud members of the Monterey Bay Green Business Program as well as the Eminence Green Spa Program,  Think Local First – Santa Cruz County and the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce  As well as recipients of the 2015 Good Times Best Of Awards runner up for Best Esthetician, 2013 Good Times Best of Awards for runner up Best New Business, Best Facial, Best Spa and Best place to get Waxed.

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  • 8L3B2268 
    For many years I have had a deep passion for skincare and the incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits it can create for an individual when it is taken care of.  I could not be more thrilled to share that enjoyment and knowledge with all the wonderful men and women that experience a treatment with me. If it is possible to find a soul mate in a career, I have found mine!

    My education began at a school in Santa Clara with the highest standards and enthusiasm for success. In addition, I have received extensive training from the International Dermal Institute, Concepts Institute and Eminence Organics. I continue to take advanced education classes in subjects such as skin conditions, Manual Lymphatic Drainage for the face, massage techniques, REIKI and product ingredients and essential oils. With my most recent accomplishment and stepping stone in my career being certified as an ONCOLOGY Esthetician! In my opinion education is one of the most important things I can do for my job because as they say, “knowledge is power.” The more informed I am, the better I can inform you!

    I am the type of person that jumps for joy from even the smallest things. My life could not be more fulfilled thanks to Adam, my wonderful and adoring husband, and our three little girls Iylee, Marley and Braysen. Iylee is a skin care connoisseur, I constantly find her with facial cleanser all over her belly and face and asking if we can take a bath and put on a masque. There is nothing that can make you appreciate everything in your life like the family I wake up to every day.

    I can’t wait to meet you!

  •  Jamie Budding

    As a licensed esthetician, I am excited to help you realize your natural beauty and how best to care for it! As a Santa Cruz native, I grew up at the beach without sunscreen (shoulda, coulda, woulda!). My own improvements over the years led me to pursue skin as a career and I am excited to work with you on both aging and inflammation prevention and a consistent maintenance program for healthy skin.

    After finishing Aptos High School, I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Psychology. I began a career in event and travel management. While this career afforded me travel opportunities and schedule flexibility, I’m very excited to officially be working in a field I’m truly passionate about; SKINCARE!

    I believe that continuing my education is key to staying informed and current, which I do at Concepts Institute, International Dermal Institute, and by attending industry related trade shows and events. Obtaining my certificate in Oncology Esthetics will broaden my education even further. It’s also been a real treat to work on my husband and two teenage sons, helping them to realize the importance of taking care of their skin!

    I look forward to meeting you!


  • Chrissy Jacobs 
     I am a certified licensed esthetician in Santa Cruz, Ca. My passion for skincare and make-up began at an early age, while participating in my mother’s Mary Kay workshops. From this point on, I was obsessed with products, make-up, skin care and sharing my “secrets” with friends and family.

    I started my career as an esthetician in 2006, I have been blessed to love what I do for a living. Continuing my education and staying up to date with current trends is not only necessary, but my passion. I have worked in top spas, resorts and waxing centers. I pride myself on providing customized treatment for each individual. Whether the goal is to enjoy a relaxing spa experience, to receive a superior wax service or to treat problematic skin, I will create a unique plan specific to their needs. I truly believe everyone deserves to look and feel their best.

    I am happily married and the mother of two wonderful boys (ages 15yr & 19mo). After becoming pregnant, I realized the importance of being conscious of the products (and their ingredients) I used, especially on a daily basis.  It is just as important that I apply the same standards for products used in my facials, as well as what I recommend to my clients for home care. I love that Santa Cruz Skin Solutions and Integrated Wellness shares the same sentiment. My goal is to always provide each client with a customized, relaxing, massage based facial using organic results oriented products.

  • Melanie Kay 
     I graduated from the University of North Carolina, with a degree in International Studies.  During this time, I became interested in the healing practices of different cultures and explored the Egyptian’s use of natural oils and dead sea salts, the Ayurvedic use of herbs and spices, and the Roman baths.  The extensive beauty rituals of the Egyptians, Indians, Romans and beyond fascinated me. This cultural curiosity along with the experience I gained in my travels inspired me to learn more about how ancient traditions cared for their skin. What I have grown to love about all of it, is that I can assist others to feel and look their best!  I took my first yoga teacher training in 2006, attended the Cypress Health Institute in 2008 for massage therapy and continued my education at Shoreline school of Cosmotology to become an Esthetician.

    One of my biggest joys about the esthetics field is the opportunity to know and work with natural and active ingredients from nature and pass that knowledge on to you and inspire you to reach your skins optimal health.

    I enjoy taking advanced education courses to stay current with ingredients, trends and the latest techniques to help you take care of your skin.  Most of all I look forward to helping you look and feel beautiful both inside and out.

  • Jaclyn Etcheverry pic 
    While attending the University of San Diego I studied education and found a love for teaching and then went on to get my teaching credential.  When I discovered the skincare profession and decided to change my career focus by becoming an esthetician I realized that the two really go hand in hand.
    I enjoy educating my clients about the importance of good skin care and healthy habits.  After some years as an esthetician I decided to add lash extensions and most recently nail care services.

    When I began raising my family I started taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle. I slowly changed the way we ate to the products we used in our daily lives.  I am still learning and tweaking things the same way I am always learning new information about Esthetics and nail care.  Continually furthering my education is a priority and gives me the confidence I need to provide the best services to you, the client.  It is exciting to be at Santa Cruz Skin Solutions & Integrated Wellness where I can offer healthy, non-toxic services and products.

    I feel so lucky to have found and love this career path and that it allows me to live here in Santa Cruz with my family.  My two young kids and husband get to have me around more often thanks to an amazing career!

    I look forward to meeting you very soon.
    Jaclyn Etcheverry

  •  Inara Sophia
     Inara Sophia is a Certified Massage Therapist, Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master and most recently a yoga teacher. She began working with Reiki and doing energetic bodywork eighteen years ago, continuing her studies with CranioSacral Therapy, and Massage Therapy. She is passionate about helping others to feel their very best and she currently creates sacred space for deep relaxation, healing and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.


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